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Compost and the Landfill Crisis

How to keep stuff out of the landfill by employing the other three R's  -  Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.  Compost is, of course, the ultimate in recycling and returns organic matter to where it should be, namely the soil



Compost v. chemicals - economic opportunities

Organic fertilizers and pesticides are expensive and detrimental to the long-term health of the soil.  Compost is much less expensive and has many positive effects on the soil and the plants that grow in it. 



Saving the Earth One Compost Heap at a Time

A look at my "mission" and the enormous benefits of compost at the backyard, local, national and international levels.


Organismic gardening - or what I learned at Compost School

I coined the term "Organismic" gardening to convey the idea that if you provide the right environment for soil organisms, you will have healthy productive soil.  You feed the organisms and they feed the plants.